VAT Compliance & Fiscal Representation

International operations are burdened by the need to comply with specific legal regulations. Foreign entrepreneurs who operate in Poland are obliged to register in order to settle VAT. Failure to comply with these formalities or improper settlement of this tax may expose the company to the risk of fines and legal proceedings.

Our VAT reporting department specialises in the abovementioned procedures and ensures the client stays compliant with Polish VAT regulations.

Scope of our services:

  • Analysis of registration requirements for VAT,
  • VAT registration,
  • VAT settlements,
  • Preparation and filing tax returns,
  • keeping and maintaining VAT records,
  • Support for VAT refunds,
  • Tax representation,
  • Opening a bank account in Poland,
  • De-registration from VAT,
  • Continuous, ongoing support in the field of VAT Compliance,
  • Preparation for control activities and representation in case of fiscal control,
  • JPK support (Single Control File),

Our team of experts will register your company as an active VAT taxpayer, guide you through local processes and guarantee tax representation services that will solve VAT problems on your behalf. If you need to pay your tax debt through your local bank account, we can help you set it up. Our experts will also streamline your VAT processes and identify refunds. We also support our clients with tax audits and introduce local standards in bookkeeping. By trusting us, you will ensure transparency and control over constantly changing tax legislation.


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