Accounting Services

Complex and deep knowledge of local tax and accounting reporting combined with years of experience; guarantees your business will be compliant to all Polish requirements.

We offer a wide range of accounting services - adjusted to the type of business and regardless of location and binding legal regulations. Our assistance will help you improve international operations by controlling settlements and reporting deadlines. A specific approach to the client's business requirements allows the creation of an appropriate offer of accounting services.

  • maintain accounting records in accordance with local and international standards.
  • financial reporting includes the preparation of individual and consolidated financial statements in accordance with international accounting standards and regulations; the preparation of management reports (i.e. profit and loss account, balance sheet, cash flow statement) and preparation of information for audit purposes:
  • cash management services, ensuring the timely settlement of payments.

Qualified advisory background in the area of accounting simplifies and optimizes the daily management of your business.


Accounting & Corporate Services

Royal Trakt Offices

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Accounting Services, ACS - Accounting & Corporate Services, Warsaw- nasza lokalizacja