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HR & Payroll Services

If you intend to practice business in Central Europe and wish for reliable human resources management, then ACS are the team to provide this. We are both skilled and experienced in terms of supplying international clients with HR assistance of the highest quality.

ACS can accommodate you with services such as:

  • assistance in concluding contracts,
  • work permits,
  • visas,
  • calculation of salaries and taxation,
  • calculating payroll,
  • settlement of working time records,
  • preparing tax and insurance declarations,
  • payroll processing,
  • support the correct settlement of annualised PIT.

Employment without establishment (EwE) or permanent in-country establishment

The EwE services (employment without establishment) ensures the employment of employees in Central Europe, without the need to set up a business.

In the EU & Switzerland, authorities allow foreign entities to employ employees without a local company presence. This also concerns assigned workers as well as those locally contracted.
The biggest advantage of this solution is cost reduction associated with accounting, legal and administrative services.

The only obligation is for the employer to register with social security and the tax office (related to the payroll). Using EwE, the obligations towards employees must comply with minimum standards of labour law/codes of the particular country.

Our team, guided by experience and global knowledge, provide services at the highest level. We are creating reports and statements customized to the needs of our clients, e.g. the statement of individual remuneration components by period, and the validity of periodic reviews.


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